Giving Back

The planet has blessed us with so many resources! Our way of saying thanks is to give back each year. 10% of our profits are donated to sustainability-focused nonprofits.

2018 is dedicated to the Bees! Without these amazing little creatures we would not have many things. We have all heard the news that their populations are in decline. That is why we feel that the Bees are a more than worthy cause to support.

How can you help at home?

The main reason of the bee population decline is due to our current agriculture system. According to Greenpeace – “Agriculture, in both croplands and pastures, occupies about 35% of the ice-free land surface on Earth, and is one of the largest ecosystems on the planet, rivalling forests in extent.” (source:

Plant flowers, shrubs, fruits and vegetables at home, even if it is a very small garden you will be helping in a big way. Here is a list of 25 Bee friendly plants:

Did you know that when you see a bee walking it is because it’s out of energy? Bees only take enough honey to get them to their target and back to the hive. Sometimes they get lost along the way – maybe a gust of wind takes them off course. If you come across a Bee like this you can give them their energy back by providing them with honey or sugar water! Once they have had their fill you should see them fly away – what a beautiful thing!

If you know of, or are part of a nonprofit, and would like to contact us in regards to future donations please use the Contact page to send your information.

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